**Concept work designed under Herter Design Group

​​​​​​​HDG was responsible for developing environmental graphics throughout the client's new building.
We pitched a series of concepts that were both timeless and relevant to the client's community.

My concept focused on the idea that this church provides a service to the NYC community.  NYC has a diverse population and is constantly changing.  I articulated this idea by using literal and abstracted representations of the city landscape, as well as incorporating key words that pertained to the floor's function.

Additionally, the client requested that we highlight the wall space of their new Sanctuary. While the final scripture/passage would be determined by the client, my team designed two options on how the scripture would be legible:
1) The scripture is prominently displayed when you exit the elevators.
2) The scripture is more integrated within the wall and architecture of the space. 
The addition of metal panels would serve as a directional element, guiding the community to the Sanctuary.
Early Concept Art
Sanctuary Entrance

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