Even though our memories differ, we all possess the same memory processing systems.  
Abstract Memories was my thesis show and part of the MICA Grad Show 2018.
Abstract Memories is a visual exploration of the inner workings of the human memory. The three posters represent the primary memory systems: sensory, short-term, and long-term. The subject of memory involves intricate processing systems, duality of nature and permanence, and transience. Due to the subjective nature of the human memory, the interpretation of the memory systems also remains nonobjective.
Each poster utilizes techniques inspired by modernist art movements: abstraction, surrealism, and cubism. The lenticular structure of the posters coincides with the fact that memories are not one sided and require effort to remember. The accompanying zine goes in depth about various memory systems and provides mnemonic devices readers should implement into their lives.

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