Like many people my age, I'm interested in traveling the world, but I don't want to appear like an obvious tourist. To combat the tourist stigma, I created a compact travel guide allowing the user to remain discreet yet informed. I highlighted the city of Amsterdam because it's been on my destination list for a while now, and I wanted to use this project as an opportunity to do research. I began by sketching out various icons that I associate with traveling, and eventually narrowed them down to five: a padlock, speech bubbles, a camera, a dining set up, and a luggage.

These icons became the talking points for the brochure's  content. This brochure has concise information ranging from safety tips to tourist highlights, along with a simplified map on the back to keep track of your travels. Moving forward, I envisioned that these compact guides would become a series and would highlight other popular destination points, like NYC, Paris, Rome, etc.   

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